PSA for my followers

Hi guys – I’m sorry this process is being annoying.  The permanent website is now up and running at and I will be closing this site down shortly.  Please note that I wasn’t able to migrate all my followers over – if you would like to continue to receive my blog posts, please go to the website I linked above and look for the email subscription link on the right side.

Also note – we’ve had some cache issues with various web browsers, and yours may be slow to update.  Please make sure to clear your cache and cookies/history and so on or you may get the error message (page not found/security missing.)

Thanks for hanging in there with me, and I hope to reconnect with you as I move on to the new blog.

See you soon!



Making the switch

Hi folks who read this regularly – I’m making the switch from to  Please bear with me as I move content around, flip domain names upside down, and generally make a mess of things.  I promise in the end things will work out, it’s just taking some time.

I’m doing a bit of redesign so things might look a bit different.  Whew!

Thanks for your patience!